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I want to build a Go Kart in the shape and sense of an F1 design. Should I buy and customise a frame, or make it myself. Also all you first time go karters,,, build first time or buy first time? And iff you have a perspective on whether AWD is worth the effort I would like to know.

-- BAM (, May 21, 2004


AWD not worth the weight. Got to keep it light or you might as well drive a car. You might want to do some searching on "formula 440" cart racing. These are F1 style carts with snowmobile engines in them. Invest in a mig welder, a metal chop saw, cutting torch or plasma cutter, and drill press. The steel is the cheapest part. I have built a cart with a 650 polaris indy engine in it and all I can say is... "holy s---" fun fun fun!!! :D -Jeff

-- Jeff Malsch (, June 12, 2004.

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