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I work for Southwestern Bell Corp., known as SBC. Eleven months ago, I was working for ASI, a subsidiary of SBC. While with ASI, a second-level manager, named Nancy, wanted to get rid of me because she had a jealousy problem over me. She ORDERED all the managers who worked for her to micro-manage me, or else THEIR jobs were in jeopardy. She even demanded that one particular manager "camp out" by my home and report everything he heard and saw. She was obsessed with me. She was trying to break me so I would leave on my own, but I knew I had a Union to protect my job, so I stayed tough, very abused, but tough. She went too far, however, when she called a psyciatrist and made an appointment for me to see him. I was already seeing my own psychiatrist and when I told him what she was trying to do to me, he put me out on disability for three months due to severe stress and depression. She ended up in a lot of trouble from her bosses, who told her that her actions against me were unfounded and inappropriate. She was questioned about being ventictive towards me. She blamed me for "losing face" and from then on, she was out for revenge. She spread a terrible rumor that I went out on disability because I "was a drug addict." When I came back from disability, I was "job-offered" into another position with Pacific Bell. I've been with PacBell now for six months and I'm MUCH happier and doing great, according to my new boss. However, Nancy is STILL trying to discredit me at my new job by calling my new boss and telling him that I went out on disability for being a drug addict. She also called other co-workers in my new work place and told them her lie. Now a few of those co-workers are having their own fun trying to discredit me in the office, and they don't even know me! I'm trying my best to ignore the whole evil thing but my Fiance' tells me I need to do something about this slander. What should I do?

-- Diane Ransom (, May 20, 2004


You can sue for slander. Write a formal letter to scare her first, and force her to tell the truth to all the people she spread the slander to then if she doesn't, sue for slander.

Build your case first before you go ahead. BE PREPARED. This is insane to hold it all in and hide and wait for better. The more you stay silent and ignore reality, the more harm she will do to you.

-- C. Chen (, July 10, 2004.

Wow. Tell me what people say. I am on the Internet because I am having a "SBC situation." Aren't they fun!!

I hope you figure out what to do and enjoy your life with your husband to be -- when you get too stressed think that they are a thing that will pass.

Don't let her/SBC break you.

Hang in there.


-- L (, May 29, 2004.

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