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I have a Peco PE-SLE393F 20 degree crossing that I need to wire

into my DCC layout. This is my first DCC layout and can't wait to

get it working properly. I am very confused as to the wiring which

needs to be done. Reading the documentation from Peco it

indicates that I need either one or two additional four poll double

throw switches. The switches indicated by Peco are manual

switches, but I would like to run through these crossings by some

automated mode. Can anybody help me accomplish this? I really

don't know where to start and need to install two of these

crossovers in the layout. I believe the same thing holds for Peco's

scissors crossovers. Any hints on those as well?

-- Robert Prondzinski (, May 19, 2004



I just went to the local train store. I checked out a Peco SL194. It is an insulfrog crossing. You don't have to do anything special for the insulfrog type Peco crossing.

Judging from the part number you have, I think the E means electrofrog. My local train store didn't have any of these for me to check out. If you have an electrofrog, I can't help you.

-- Allan Gartner (, May 22, 2004.

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