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My daughter is doing a school project about Hawaiian culture, customs and traditions. She needs to know about these things 1. Spitting and blowing your nose in public 2. Is it OK to bargain when shopping? 3. Is it Ok to touch someone else's head? 4. Punctuality. 5. Do you need to ring first before visiting? 6. "rules" about eating and leaving food on your plate. 7. Is it rude to ask someone how much they earn? 8. Respect for elders - how important is it?

-- Susi (s.jansen@beth.school.nz), May 18, 2004


in my home we can't waste food because we're always told that the people in africa are starving... when it comes to your elders and respect it is very important.... that is something that we learn from an early age...

-- ashley (kAw3n1_07@hotmail.com), January 12, 2005.

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