Worried about family history of AVN

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My mother was diagnosed with AVN about 7 years ago, she is bi-lateral in her hips, knees and shoulders. The disease was caused by Prednazone (sp ?) My concern is that I am 21 years old, have taken Prednazone and for the past year I have been suffering from sevear hip and knee pain. I do not have health insurance and I am very scared. Does anyone know if family history is involved in AVN.

-- Nicholas Duncan (nduncan@wowway.com), May 15, 2004


AVN is hereditary only with certain types of blood clotting disorders (which does not appear you have). If you are having pain and have been on Prednisone for some time, you might want to apply for medical assistance to have this looked in to with x-rays or an MRI.

-- Mesfin Lemma, M.D. (mlemma2@jhmi.edu), May 19, 2004.

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