Talus-navicular fusion and cuboid-calcaneous fusion

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Following a car accident 1.5 yr ago where I sustained a right hand-foot dislocation, I had my cuboid and calcaneous fused with an attempt to repair the ligaments holding up the talus navicular joint. This resulted in a 5mm sag of the talus and another surgery to regraft the the cuboid and calcaneous in a slightly different angle, lengthen my achilles tendon, and transfer a toe tendon to help support the talus. After 4 months of recovery, I've just learned that the talus has the same amount of sag as it did before surgery. I am am now looking at having to make a choice between the lesser of two evils: living with a certain level of discomfort with every step, or having the navicular and talus fused which would eliminate the side-to-side motion of my foot. Before all this I was an active dog person competing in agility and other activities.

My question is if there is anyone out there who has had both joints fused and what is the level of disability, and how does it affect your activities on a daily basis. Any information would be helpful to have before I make a decision as to what to do next. Thanks.

-- Jane Reller (jrsilverstar@msn.com), May 15, 2004

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