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When I have downloaded movie files, I am finding that AVI files and mpeg files will not copy onto vcd as nero wont let me open the file to burn and I can watch film in Win Media player but if I try to copy to cd from there it comes up "an error ocurred".....Please help

-- terry jenkins (, May 15, 2004


Are you trying to just copy the .avi and .mpg to a CD, or actually make a video CD out of them? If you want to make a VCD from an .avi, you'll need to reencode it with a program such as TMPGEnc.

-- Bryan (, May 16, 2004.

i have used nero ver 6 to create vcd from avi just use Nero Express, go to the video Cd area, add the avi file you want to burn and follow the directions, as long as the avi isn't too large to fit on a cr-r after its encoded this should work.

-- john dough (, June 13, 2004.

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