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Does anyone know where I can get a set of bar risers?(other than Ferraccis') The tubes are 58mm and that's larger than any other bike that I know of. My neck is killing me and my arms are too short. Thanks

-- MOE (, May 14, 2004



I believe Motowheels at either already have had or are having made some cycle cat adjustable clip on's. Pretty trick adjustment mechanism.

I would try contacting them first.


-- James (, May 14, 2004.

Cycle Cat is not interested (not enough volume/too busy). We are having someone else make us some adjustable bars for the MV F4. Please let us know so we can entice them with some volume.

This design will all the bars to be used with or with out Brembo radial master cylinders (Brembo MC will allow for more reservoir clearance).

-- martin (, May 15, 2004.

Why not the Feraccis? Just curious...

-- Bill (, May 15, 2004.

Yeah... Why not the Ferracci's? Curious as I was going to purchase some from Ferracci as well...

-- manicducpressive (, May 15, 2004.

I guess the bike is either built for tall people or people with long hands! Just kidding. The MV's and Ducati's are really a pain the neck when riding it for sometimes, though there is a technique. You have to ride low and leaning forward. And you have to ride it as fast as you could.

A handlebar riser will do the trick to lessen the pain.

-- AJ (, May 15, 2004.

As a follow up I did in fact buy the Feracci risers, shortly after buying my bike, and it made a huge difference in rideability. They raise the end of the bars by less than 0.5" but it made the difference between mostly seeing the inside of my helmet while looking forward. I like being able to turn my head left and right and SEE there was no traffic coming instead of just hoping there was no traffic coming...I consider that substantial!!!

-- Bill (, May 16, 2004.

I also got the Ferraci risers installed on my bike, they made a HUGE difference in comfort (still not a japanese sport bike, but much better.)

My only problem with the Ferrarcis is that my knuckles now contact the bottom of the mirror at full lock, causing some un-intended revving when i'm trying to park. Its mostly b/c I'm wearing Alpinestars GP Pro gloves with massive raised knuckles.

Its not a huge problems, just I have to relocated my right hand a little to the outside of the bar during parking manuvers, no more smashed thumbs though !!!!

-- Ting Louie (, May 24, 2004.

How do bar risers affect the F4's handling?

-- Allan Gibbs (Phoenix, AZ) (, May 24, 2004.

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