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Rev. John Cager posed a question recently concerning the front runners for Episcopal Honors and the campaign of Pres.Elder Tyler-Guidry.With less than 6 weeks to go I wonder if there will be a front runner. Have we so many issues that it may cloud the process of choosing our next slate of leaders.

Will the Africans get their request? Will there be a balance of local and international candidates elected? Will we finally get together and sort out our financial circumstances and our financial future? This will be the most interesting conference yet in my opinion.

With Iraq, Presidential Politics, Terrorism and Safety and the National Agenda. How focused will the GC 2004 be?

Looking for your thoughts.

P.S. Rev. Cager I am interested to learn more of the rumor spread about Senator Rev. Dr. Leonard Santucci. Is there the discussion that his desire is to work only in certain areas? I would appreciate your response

Blessings Nalton

-- Anonymous, May 13, 2004


Mr. Brangman,

Actually, I've discovered that I was mistaken. The information that I received was in reference to another candidate, not Dr. Santucci. As far as frontrunners, I have heard the following "unsubstantiated" scuttlebutt:

Rev. Carolyn Tyler Guidry is considered the candidate who was "left at the door," meaning she had the most votes of those not elected in 2000. Traditionally, that person is the 1st one elected at the next GC (as has happened at every GC since 1948 except one where that particular candidate did not run again). She also has a plethora of support on the bench of Bishops.

Dr. James Davis is presumed to have an edge over the other candidates in that he has done a tremendous amount of networking, guest preaching and coalition building over the past four years.

The Overseas Districts will certainly get at least two seats designated for homegrown candidates, but four is unlikely at this GC. Look for a deal to be struck.

Dr. Sarah Davis is looked at as an eventual Bishop, but probably not in 2004.

This is all speculation that others who are more "connected" than I am have shared with me, but I have no idea of the validity of these assessments.

-- Anonymous, May 13, 2004

Thank You Rev. Cager I appreciate your feedback Blessings

-- Anonymous, May 13, 2004

I do hope and trust that Arica will get her request. Africa has lined up seventeen candidates all for Episcopal Office. Is there anyone who can shed some light of Biblical Numerics with regard to the number seventeen (17).

I am hopeful that Africa will get Rev N Jordan Mkwanazi and Rev Missiah as Bishops in the forthcoming general conference 2004.

-- Anonymous, May 19, 2004

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