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iam trying to build a gas powered mountain board with a briggs and straton weed eater engine. and i know its not alot of power i just need to know if anyone knows where i can find an attachment for the end of the motor that the sprocket will attach to please email me with any info.

-- Dale Rice (, May 11, 2004


Are you a dumbass?... Mountainboarding? Sprocket? Attachment? WEEDEATER ENGINE? You are dumb...

-- Me (, July 26, 2004.

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-- greg barson ((, August 10, 2004.

try the Grainger catalog.

-- rastuss (, September 08, 2004.

try the Grainger catalog.I designed battery powered stuff for ZAP the scooter people. Used a MBS Comp 26 for the foundation. I still have design notes. I'll share them. Rastuss

-- rastuss (, September 08, 2004.

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-- johny (, September 09, 2004.

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-- stuart (, October 02, 2004.

i have a motorized mountain board and it kicks ass just buy one cheep ass i got mine for 200 dollars if you cant spend that much just jump off a tall building. you are gunna die any ways so just spend a lil money and get a panterra komacozie board 49cc's and it does some mean ass off road shit. i love it and so will you but good luck finding one.

-- nathanM (, October 18, 2004.

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