Apex VD player AD-1225 plays all media !!

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I just wanted to let everyone now that if they are looking for a great all purpose dvd player that will play all sorts of media look no further than the apex ad-1225.. i purchased it last nite for 35 dollars and i am superbly happy... it will play vcds , svcds, cd-r, cd-rw , dvds, music, mps, jpegs, kodak pictures and even mpeg and windows media files !!

it will play all homeade vcds no problem! I am posting this because god only knows how i had a hard time finding info about good dvd players so i thought this might help out.. i didnt see this player listed on vcdhelp either.

the really cool thing is that this dvd player plays mpegs and windows media files.. i have a cd-r's filled to the brim with mpeg files and windows media files (short and some long video clips downloaded from the net) and the dvd player will play them as if its a finalized vcd disc!

go buy one of these asap

-- Jason Scott Yeldell (jyeldell@prdus.jnj.com), May 11, 2004

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