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Yes, I have one question with possibly 2 answers. I work for a company that hires a lot of family memebers and sometimes this presents problems. One I am having to deal with at the present time and wonder what I can do about it? When I was hired there were 3 positions -- we all report to the same vice president - just have different accounts. We also have a manager in another department that got their child hired in my department. Wehen the employee was hired - she was hired in making more than me -- I know this because another employee saw her paycheck that was left on her desk -- the employee that is working with me was hired in making more than me because he mother was the manager in the accounting dept and knew what she should asked for. Well anyway -- we had a layoff -- I was not laid off but the other woman was in this department -- leaving the daughter here and the other woman laid off -- (they said the other woman that was laid off did not have enought experience in what they needed) - -- this mother of the daughter is very unethical leaving me in a position of wondering if I need to protect my position in case of layoff or other reason. this girl got out of college only had one other job besides this one -- makes more money than me and has no experience. she is 28 years younger than me. i feel there are 2 discrimantion lawsuits that could happen in this cas. What do you think I should do? This mother gets away with everything and needs to be stopeed. help

-- MARY KACZ (YCATS71@YAHOO.COM), May 10, 2004

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