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I've got a movie in 3ivx format that I'm trying to convert to (S)VCD with TMPGe. I did a 25 second test movie and that SVCD worked great. When I do a whole 55 minutes worth of a movie it creates it with video but no sound. Have tried both VCD and SVCD formats, same issue.

Any ideas?

-- Nathan (, May 10, 2004


Wanted to specify that I'm using TMPGEnc Plus 2.5.

-- Nathan (, May 10, 2004.

Try demuxing the original video into separate audio and video streams. Use TMPGenc to convert the video and use BeSweet ( in the Downloads section) to convert the audio to MPEG audio. MPEG audio is called MPA in BeSweet. I forgot to say that you should get BeSweet GUI as the GUI version is a lot easier to use. Finally, use TMPGenc to mux the video and audio together to make your final VCD or SVCD and you should be OK.

-- Root (root@yahoo.moc), May 11, 2004.

Try using Honestech Encoder 6.0. It does a wonderful job in converting (quality wise). It will leave a watermark at the bottom left corner of your video - which is hardly noticeable. If you like the software you can then purchase it.

HT Encoder will convert any video that you can play in your MS Windows player.


-- ~m (, May 11, 2004.

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