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Hi everybody, I recently purchased a 00 F4 in basically mint condition out here in Dubai and am ecstatic. She is carrying just over 6000KM on the clock which I assume is a very low milage. My GSXR does that in one winter!It has been a long time coming ever since those first pictures I saw all those years ago! Anyway, I am intrigued to know if anyone else is having issues with the position of the rear brake lever. I know that the rear brake is renowned as being rubbish (mine really is non-existant) and have read with interest the suggested remedies that I will look into; but does anyone have any tried and tested suggestions on adjustable rearset manufacturers? Thanks for the time. Regards to all, David.

-- David Stead. (, May 10, 2004


My dealer filled in Castrol SRF Oil, which should have a high temperature resistance. But up to now I have no experience yet with it.

-- Olav Geesing (, May 10, 2004.

Regarding rear sets, you might try They have adjustable rear sets listed. I believe that there are a couple of others making them, perhaps Ferracci, and someone else that I saw. I hope this is useful. Good luck and glad to hear that you finally lusted long enough to materialzed the rear thing!!!

-- Cali-Kane (, May 10, 2004.

My thanks to you both for the info. I am aware of the rearsets available from the manufacturers mentioned but has anyone got them and how do you rate them?

-- David Stead (, May 11, 2004.

try (casoli) in the u/k I have just fitted a set look very good and have a lot of adjustment as am 6ft tall I have found they make riding a lot more bearable. safe riding

regards vic goll

-- vic goll (, May 12, 2004.

I have Gilles Tooling ( on my F4 and Brutale, I think they look nicer than the casoli tyes, are available in 3 colours, and now you can have either reverse shift, or standard shift. Have a look at the PDF in the catalogue, you'll notice the bike (mine) has the standard kick plates on it, as they look nicer than the ones supplied.


-- Phil (, May 17, 2004.

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