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OBJECT - Build a submarine and launch a rocket submerged from a spot in a lake.

Hear they've build submarines before and it didn't take them the full ten hours. One team said about six.

Well build a submarine that has to go out to a spot that's marked but it gets there under water so the teams would probably have to build a parascope too and perhaps a breather tube or tubes.

The submerged rocket launch is a piece of cake I've done it from 12-inches under. You make a launch tube filled with air and put plastic wrap on top the gasses from the solid fuel rocket expand and burst the plastic it's so cool seeing that rocket burst through the surface.

This could be a race the team that gets out to the spot in the fastest time with a successful launch wins.. The parascope or someway to see where you are going would be necessary to get to the launch spot in the lake. Not to mention rigging some sort of ignition system but that's not to difficult they'd have to supply a solid rocket engine and fuse PVC pipe could do the rest.

-- Swampie (, May 09, 2004

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