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Dear Brothers and Sisters As both my associate and I are again working late into the night on new legislation for the General Conference I am, for the first time, seeking your prayerful support for my esteemed associate, Senator Rev. Dr. Leonard Santucci.

With the experience of succesfully having General Conference legislation passed at the last General Conference and the proposal now being prepared to legislation at the General Conference. Senator Santucci has worked tirelessly for the last 6 years to make a difference for both his local Annual Conference and the Connectional Church.

In the lead-up to this General Conference there are the usual number of Candidates who have done well in one Church or more but I have yet to see a plan that reflects the thoughtful and inciteful leadership required for a Bishop. We all agree that our Church is loaded with issues and more still to come. Senator Rev. Dr. Santucci has a plan for both spiritual and ecnomic renewel for our Zion. Many have articulated brilliant promises but only one has a clear and comprehensive plan.

It expands our call and mission and reduces our cost to achieve this. I allows Pastors to finally pay less to the Connectional Treasury and eventually creates funds for expansion within each local Church. It allows for increases in Education with an emergency reserve for problems like Morris Brown.

It has a clear and sensitive plan for the missionary Districts so as to see both growth and development over the next ten years with the investment to remove one District off the Missionary roll every 4 years starting in the 10th year.

At present both Senator Santucci and I are involved with the most significant project with our large denominational allies from within the Black Church. This next vehicle will create the largest finance entity in the History of the Black Church.

I ask your prayers and votes for this hard working man of God as he continues to be about doing the Lords work better.

I would appreciate your opinions May God Bless You All

-- Anonymous, May 08, 2004

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