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I have been compelled to re-post this story to enable those who are unable to read the initial one have access. What somebody whose intentions are best known to him or her did was to change the color text from black to white so that people fail to read. ______________________________________________________________________

Nine weeks from this posting, the General conference 2004 will be over. Going by the resolution of the Y2K General Conference, overseas districts of which part Africa is will for the fist time in history have at any one time more than one persons joining the ranks on the Bishop's bench. The now defunct AJC has requested for (4) four positions to be reserved for African born candidates only. The golden question is, will Africa's request be granted at the General Conference 2004? What will happen if the humble request is turned down, knowing very well that delegates from Africa are out numbered by brethren from the States when it comes to VOTING?

The other question is, has the outgoing leadership prepared enough firm ground upon which indigenous leadership will take over from and are constituent members ready for this challenge? Will indigenisation of leadership on the continet of Africa bring lasting solutions to the problems she experiences?

In his speech to mark the official opening of the 2004 Copper belt West District Conference, in Zambia (17th Episcopal)the Presiding Elder "We will go our own way and rebel" if we do not get an African born Bishop of our own choice.( TRUE STATEMENT )

The heat in the elections furnace of African born Candidates for Episcopacy is rising day by day.The campaigns are hot here on the African soil with the leadership publicly taking sides with some of their preferred candidates in neutral fora. Already there are more than 17 African born aspiring candidates from Bishopric.

I am so excited about this dispensation especially after receiving confirmation for my observer registration and my number is AMETJ1339.This means that I am delegate observer number 1339 to be registered.

This will be more than the 1972 General Conference. Let me hear from you brethren as i look forward to seeing most of you in person during the forthcoming GC2004. I hope my posting is not "poisonous" and will not be tampered with as the first was.

-- Anonymous, May 08, 2004


Rev. Mwandu, this may appear to be a silly question, but what is the rationale for four African candidates for Bishop? I am not saying that it is unnecessary. I would just like to know what is the significance of the number "4". Also, how has the AME leadership responded to this request in the past? Has the request been ignored or has it been taken into consideration. I think it is quite possible for four (4) African's to be elected Bishop. A call went out for the AME Church to elect a female Bishop in 2000 (i.e. at least two African American women were elected Bishop in the United Methodist Church in 2000 as well), and it occurred. So, it is very possible that if the request was made, then the request will be honored. Thanks and God bless.

-- Anonymous, May 08, 2004

Dear Sis. Brewster I believe your answer lies in the actions of the General Church for the last 20 years, but more importantly the last four years. Because of the many challenges to our Global Church program the African Jurisdictional Council was created to foster a greater sence of the need of these regions. Many meetings and recommendations were made both in Africa and at General Board meetings in the United States. Rev. Mwandu is now questioning the commitment of the Church to do what has been discussed for many years.

Unfortunately the AME Church is seen differently within the United States as it is seen from outside the 50 states (including my little island of Bermuda). Promises made in the past have not been promises kept. I hope this helps


-- Anonymous, May 10, 2004

Rev. Mwandu,

I pray this post goes untampered. The desire to run for Bishop is honorable. However, when it gets to the point where rebellion and taking up of arms (See Punch-up in 17th or Prayers for the 17th) is the call for day when things don't go a certain way then there is a serious problem. Intimidation and threats will not bring us closer together it will drive us apart. I commend you for sharing what's going on and opening the eyes of your sisters and brothers across the Atlantic. Be encouraged by brother and keep the faith!! Peace!!

-- Anonymous, May 11, 2004

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