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I may be asking too much, but I'm trying to find out if it is possible to create a VCD that has an interactive menu with chapters that can play on a DVD player and also, when it's put into a cd player, play music. The reason in case anybody is interested is I am getting married in 2 1/2 weeks and I want the disk to be the gift we give to the guests.

-- David Axelrad (, May 05, 2004


Kind of.

I just tried this using Nero 5.5 "mixed mode." I used a VCD that I authored earlier, and a .wav file. I copied all the files and folders from the VCD into a directory on the HDD, and drug them into the data section of Nero. I drug the .wav into the audio section.


Plays VCD on computer, didn't verify audio. Plays Audio on old CD player, but you have to manually skip over the "VCD" part. Won't play in standalone MP3/CD player - tries to read data and fails.

The only downside is that the CD player treated the disc like it had one huge track (the VCD) and some audio tracks after that. As long as you don't mind manually skipping the VCD "track," it appears to work ok.

Just remember that the VCD is going to eat up a large portion of your disc.

-- Bryan (, May 05, 2004.

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