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I'm 34 years old & recently diagnosed with AVN of the hip. It's at stage 3, in the right hip.

I've been avoiding all high-impact exercise to prevent collapse of the joint, & I plan to put off hip replacement for as long as possible. I now do Pilates to build strength & stay in shape.

In addition to my change in physical activity, I'm looking for treatment/prevention options in Northern N.J. (or NYC).

I was thinking of seeing a chiropractor (my hips don't feel balanced or aligned, & when I stand for any length of time, I feel pain in the hip & eventually my entire leg becomes numb...maybe a nerve is being pinched or compressed?)

Could anyone recommend any good chiropractors, acupuncturists, nutritionists, or physical therapists etc. to prevent the condition from worsening, & to alleviate pain?

Any referrals to practitioners (in NJ) who specialize in Avascular Necrosis would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! Susan

-- Susan (, May 03, 2004


Dear Susan ! I'm an orthopedic surgeon from Jerusalem, Israel. For years i've been working for developing a new chiropractic system and i did it - my system is the best (also still unpublished) Now, my best friend 39 y.o. living in Russia has bilateral AVN, stage 3. I tried to prevent it by the chiropractic treatments, it didn't work. Now i'm planning to go to Russia for a couple of days and to operate my friend. A drilling. Very simple operation that still have a chance for some success. Making THA is too early at that age. Yuri

-- Dr Yuri Babkin (, October 09, 2004.

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