History of White Top Cabs?

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I'm probably going to be asking lots of strange questions in the next few months, so hopefully people don't get tired of me too quick. And trust me, I'm a MONSTER when it comes to Google searches... if it's on the internet anywhere, I can find it with google. Here's one I could NOT find: White Top Cabs (White Top Cab Company or some other name). From what I've seen elsewhere, it sounds like during the 1920s if you wanted to know where something illegal was going on, these were the guys who were plugged in. Can't find a history or confirmation of this anywhere, so I'm not sure if this was on the level. I'll probably be able to find a listing for them in the old city directories, but that does not go to the heart of my query. Some connection with city graft maybe? Thoughts or information would be appreciated.

-- Jeff Codori (jcodori@aol.com), May 01, 2004

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