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Hi, I've got a few .mpeg and .avi files i try to burn to vcd but whenever I do the audio is out of sync with the video, making it look as if the person is miming(like old Jackie Chan movies) . The clips were burnt onto a cd as data format from another mac so i could put them on my computer after they were rendered from adobe premiere 6.5. The files play fine on my computer but they turn to crap when i put them on VCD. I tried burning at lower speeds but it wouldn't work. also the files aren't very good quality does anyone know how to chnage the quality of the files so they turn out better on larger screens and fix the out of sync audio. I'm running MAC OSX 10.2.8 450MHZ G4 Powermac. Any help would be appreciated thanx.

-- Kai . (, May 01, 2004


What program are you using to actually convert the .avi to .mpg for VCD burning? Any recoding you do will have an effect on the final video.

As for changing the quality of the video, if you start with crap you're going to end up with crap. You can improve the "look" a little by blurring things and cleaning up the noise, but it's not going to be a real improvement, just a small cosmetic one.

For out of sync video, Check to make sure that the framerate/resolution of your .avi is compatible with a VCD - 25fps/352x288 for PAL or 30fps/352x240 for NTSC, and that the conversion program isn't changing it in some way.

Last, make sure your machine can actually play a VCD (in the sense can it pull the data and decode it at the same time...) If you have a VCD that works ok, I'd say this one is not the problem.

-- Bryan (, May 01, 2004.

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