O'Neill Sisters Kiddie Revue--Need Info

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Does anyone have background history of the O'Neill Sisters Kiddie Revue? My mother was in it, around 1937-39 or so. Not much info on the Net. From what I learned, it was a very successful dance school run by sisters Helen and Peggy O'Neill, and they put on shows in theatres around San Francisco and Berkeley. Anything else? Thanks.

-- Sharon Marie (b2studios@earthlink.net), April 29, 2004


Only this evening, speaking with my 94 year old mother Dorothy ( Sullivan ), did I learn that she took dancing lessons in San Francisco, from Helen and Peggy O'Neill, while my grandmother and Mrs. O'Neill, friends, chatted in the room. Perhaps I could ask more. Jerry Flanagan

-- Gerald Flanagan (gerflanagan@msn.com), January 04, 2005.

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