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I'm trying to record a series of small".mov" files into on MPEG using TMPGEnc. I checked the box (Open sequnce files as movie) and I have renamed my files so that they are sequential. TMPGEnc will not open all the files though. WHy is this? Does this feature only work with AVI files or something like that? I have the Quicktime plugin and it will open one file at a time alright. Please Help!

-- Michael (, April 28, 2004


TMPGEnc does not read *.mov or *.qt files out of the box. You have to tell it to recognize certain codecs in the system, and in the manual install this is done by running the VFAPI plug-in file that comes with it, but not in the full-fledge automatic install as in the latest versions. Nonetheless a separate installation program in either or (search for it in these websites' tools sections) can make TMPGEnc read Quicktime. To verify that TMPGEnc will now do so (or any other codec for that matter), Options>Environmental settings>VFAPI plug-in tab, and an appropriate Quicktime plug-in should be listed (such as QTReader.vfp).

-- Mehmet Tekdemir (, April 30, 2004.

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