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So I read online that you can use an enlarger and polaroid film to do image transfers...I have a lot of photography experience but no polaroid experience so once I opened up the pack of film I was completely baffled. I had my picture set up but no clue what to do with the film. I pulled of the plastic black cover( with the yellow arrows) to expose a grey area which I assume is the emulsion then I pulled the bottom tab to pull the picture out and got a handful of plastic with no image whatsoever. After 7 tries of this I have given up. I've scoured the internet but cannot find a page which actually details just how this part works, all they say is expose the film then pull it apart with no details on how to do that...Can anyone explain this to me?

-- genevieve (demonsbox@yahoo.com), April 28, 2004


Here is a link to a extensive pdf file (actually an entire book) which you can download, and gives detailed instructions on how to do image transfers.


Good luck, Bob

-- Bob Rosenstein (rosenstein@adelphia.net), May 05, 2004.

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