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I converted my block layout to Digitrax super empire builder a year ago. My layout is a modified Atlas HO-35. The main line including the reverse loop is according to the plans. I only modified the yard. My problem is the Digitrax reverse loop does not work. I purchased a PM42 with the SEB. District 1 on pm42 is the main line and works about 85% of the time. Running two trains (dcc) on each main line every once and a while both engines stop, 2 to 4 seconds, and both continue without anything being changed. Second the engine going through the reverse will stop at the exit at the double insulated track. The red light went on and I had to power down and pull the engine out. This was using the power district 3 as a surge protector that fed district 4 set up as a reverse loop. I called Digitrax and they said to send it in. After 6 to eight weeks they found nothing wrong with the pm42. They suggested that I wire directly to a district using the reverse loop setup and set district to it's fastest setting. I did that and it still will not work. Sometimes the engine will enter the reverse loop and dies at the end of it and sometimes it will not enter the reverse loop. I just added 2 more drops on the short length of track and ran 16 ga wire as the main feed with the 3 drops of 22 ga to it. Nothing changed. I am at the point of selling the Digitrax on ebay cheap and trying another system. The problem is I thought Digitrax was the best. The Digitrax folks have been no help except to keep me away from running trains. HELP ME IF YOU CAN!!!!!!!!!!!

-- David Blankenship (, April 27, 2004



I don't have any experience with the PM42 yet, but I can offer you one thing. If I am understanding your message correctly you are running one section of the PM42 through another - using one for overload protection and the other for reversing.

I seem to recall reading that you cannot do this. Try just using the reversing section and not using the overload section.

If this solves your problem, please report back. I'd like to know the answer for sure if we get asked again.

I hope this does it for you.

-- Allan Gartner (, April 27, 2004.

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