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Hi every body! this K again. I have another question, how long will a new hip last?. I'm active 34 years male. One of the doctors suggest Stryker cermic-on-cermic total hip replacemet coz it fits the young active patients. some of them says it can last for 15 years others say 30 years, few say 50 years! but there is not available data since it has been approved by FDA since 1999. any one had a cermic on cermic THR

-- k (, April 26, 2004


Well I can tell you that I had my hip replaced in 1986, the replacement was titanium. At that time they gave it a ten year warenty. Well it is now 18 years later and it is still going strong. I am active, I hike alot and do yoga but I am careful not to do high impact sports. Good luck.

-- (, June 09, 2004.

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