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Is it normal or common to have a noisey hip post replacement? The knock (or noise) occurs when stepping back wards or abducting. I am 15mths out and have a negative xray and bone scan. There is no pain with this just a noticeable noise. I am otherwise healthy, athletic and 49. No real answer from my surgeon, just a HMMMM. I am not worried just curious. Thanks

-- Sheri Roach (, April 25, 2004


Hi Sheri,

I have a hip that clunks, pops, and now squeaks like a mouse!! I have spoken with a joint manufacturer salesperson and discovered that this is due to some motion in the prosthesis which is especially noticeable if the muscles around the joint are not tight. It is not abnormal, just feels funny (like cracking your knuckles). My left hip replacement doesn't move or make noises; however the left knee and ankle do not line up as well as the moving right hip- so I guess there is an upside to everything!!

-- Christina deLottinville (, July 15, 2004.

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