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I have a 12hp b&s lawnmower and i have moved my engine to the back to connect it directly to the gear box but I dontknow how to connect the engine drive shaft to the shaft of the gear box. Can You help me out?

-- Joshua Partington (, April 25, 2004


Use a chain system or pulley system. If you have a big pulley/gear on the engine and a smaller pulley/gear on the tranny it will drive faster than connecting shafts.

If you still want to connect them get a shaft coupler.

you can go to almost any lawnmower/go-kart shop. Be sure the shaft sizes (the diameter of the shaft) is correct. be sure you get the shaft size of the engine and the gearbox so you can get the right coupler in case the sizes are different.

If you are using a lawnmower's trans axle make sure you don't go to fast because most stock transaxles aren't rated for higher speeds than they were intended.

Good luck.If you still have problems just reply back

-- Mike (, July 01, 2004.

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