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I was told that nash bridges of the police tv show was a real cop has anyone heard the same?

-- howard (, April 25, 2004


Yes, he was a vice officer in Miami... Oh wait, that was a TV show, too! As far as I know, Don Johnson was NEVER a cop...anywhere.

-- Don Beppino (, May 06, 2004.

The fan site FAQs don't mention his being based on a real person (but then I didn't read every edition of "Nash Bits" back to the show's premiere).

-- Rosa (, May 11, 2004.

Ok, I am a police officer who once worked in a SF. The institutional legend I heard was the following: Don Johnson through the producers of the show, Nash Bridges" were doing research for the show. They got two SF cops hired on as "Consultants". I know both these guys. Supposedly, Don Johnson patterned his character after one of the two cops. I will not use his name, but he is a wellknown and very well respected member of the department, that is a very well respected member of the martial art community. That is enough of a hint. Fo those who would know these guys. Johnson liked the other cops nick name which was, "Nash". So evolved the character, the name of the character and the show.

I have never asked the cops if this were true. That is part of the reason I do not drop the names. However, that is the story going around. From what I saw of the show, and the Nash Bridges character it looks like he did base his character on this officer at least in part. I hope this answers some questions.

-- Timothy J. Zuniga (, November 12, 2004.

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