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Sceneraio: I got some pictures developed at a local grocery store (8 rolls) in the 1 hour photo department, later that day I went to go view the pictures since I didn't have the money that day to buy them. As I looked at them there was a picture of me flashing the camara, I didn't think anything of it and told the photo guy I would be back in a few days to purchase them. A couple of days later a friend of mine called me at work and asked me if there was a picture floating around of me flashing the camara? She said her father was grocery shopping (at a different grocery store than my pictures were at, clear across my own town, in my neighborhood) and noticed a picture taped to the wall of some girl that looked familiar in the produce section of the store, so he took it off the wall and took it home to show her in hopes that she would know who it was to call. Sure enough she recognized me and called me immediatly and I remembered that there was only one picture of me that I knew about but it was still at the grocery store, I hadn't picked them up yet. Well the photo boy had asked me at the time of drop off if I knew someone, a mutual friend but I didn't think anything of it at the time. Seems he had developed extra copies of me flashing the camara and passed them out to people in my town or posted my pictures himself somewhere my family and friends shop at daily. I immediatly called the grocery store where my pictures were still at and set up an appointment to talk to a the head manager. The next I went in and he apologized for what had happened but he said the only thing he was able to do was give me the single pictures that were exposed. He didn't even terminate the employee that did this. I didn't know who to talk to about this at the time and unfortunatly a few years have passed now. Its been about 3 years or so. I am still highly upset and embarassed and would like to take some sort of action. Question:Is it possible to still act on this? What laws do that break? Does anybody have any advice they can give me?

-- Michelle Ochoa (, April 25, 2004

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