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How can I convert my Laser Disc to DVD without losing the dual audio channels (analogue/digital)? On the Laser Disc player, it has a PCM digital output, and RF/AC-3 output. Is there a device/hardware can copy a whole LD content to a DVD?

-- Andy (anvill@hotmail.com), April 21, 2004


Your question, although very good, is off topic for a VCD forum since you want to know about making DVDs. However, this is possible. I have done this myself. It's impossible to capture both audio channels at the same time :-( I did this with a couple of laserdiscs and what I had to do was capture one time with the digital channel and a second time with the analog channel. Then I used a video editor (MPEG2VCR - http://www.womble.com) and edited my captures so they were of identical length. I demuxed them and had my two audio channels and fed those and one of the video streams into a DVD authoring program that supported multiple audio channels and the final result was fine. The trick is being sure that your two captures are of identical length so you don't have sound sync problems. MPEG2VCR is a frame accurate editor and I had to make sure that I made cuts at exactly the same place in both video captures. There are no devices that can do this sort of thing simply for you. Converting laserdiscs into DVDs is very time consuming, especially if you want to preserve the analog and digital soundtracks.

-- Root (root@yahoo.moc), April 22, 2004.

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