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I had a RTHR in 2001 and required 4 surgeries (screw cracked my pelvis, went into my sciatic nerve; heterotrophic ossification; wrong size) and was given radiation. I recovered completely. In January 2004 my left knee also collapsed from AVN. I have had 2 MUA, beem in a CPM machine 24/7 for 16 days (I broke 2 due to scar tissue formation); and had daily PT (flexion 65, extension 20). Tomorrow I am going to have an arthroscopic procedure followed by radiation; CPM and dynasplint,a nd PT. Would insufflation work? Is there anything else that we should be trying? Are there any antectodcal studies suppporting the use of radiation? Any non-published procedures? The scar tissue seems to form at days 4-5 and 9-10. Would having radiation on these days help, too? Would cortisone or antibiotics help? I am a CNS lupus patient age 38. Thank you in advance for any thing that you can offer. Sarah

-- Sarah Shizeege (Reindeer12@aol.com), April 19, 2004


I don't know of anything else other than what you have tried/are trying.

-- Marc Hungerford, M.D. (mhunger@jhmi.edu), May 06, 2004.

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