Difference between SLAs and OLAs

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What is the difference between an SLA and an OLA. I know there is an explanation on this site but I still don't get it. thanks

-- Jackie Butcher (jackiebutcher@sylimited.co.uk), April 19, 2004


Jackie, hi

A SLA is a Service Level Agreement focusing on service delivery with regard to the performance and uptime of services specified in the agreement. OLA is an Operations Level Agreement with the focus on operational issues with respect to the maintenance of the service and providing new services as specified in the agreement.

Hope it helps

-- Alex (nalexander@webmail.co.za), April 26, 2004.

From the point of view of a Service Desk an SLA is the descritption of the service you provide to the users calling your service desk, the OLA is the service you need from 2nd level , 3th level and external service providers to enable you to delvier the service you promised in your SLA.

-- Alain Grijseels (alain.grijseels@amsit.com), June 13, 2004.

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