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When I was a child 40+ years ago, it seemed that the Rosary played a very prominent role in Catholic worship. My grandmother said it at least once every single day, and my mother still says it almost daily. It seemed that Rosaries were everywhere back then. They were in pocketbooks (kids investigate), sometimes draped over a favorite picture of a loved one, on the bedside tables of friends and relatives everywhere. People carried them into Mass, and they were wrapped through the fingers of people who had died.

With the exception of my mother, I rarely ever see them anywhere and can't find any of the many I had. I haven't actually said the Rosary since I was about 12. Last night I was restless, and tried it for the first time in years using my fingers in place of the beeds. Its much easier using an actual Rosary; my fingers seemed to eventually become indistiguishable from one another.

Am I just not paying attention, or has the Rosary become somewhat less present in the lives of many Catholics?

-- JimFurst (, April 18, 2004



-- JimFurst (, April 18, 2004.

The Rosary is not somewhat less present, it is almost nonexistent

-- Brian Crane (, April 18, 2004.

Here, in quebec, faith has almost disappear so the Rosary is almost invisible. As a young man, 19, I can also say that even among strong believer, active in their community, it isn't present. I have discovered this type of prayer about a year ago and I love it. I say it maybe two or three times per week, in the bus, while walking... I do a mystery at a time, separated in the whole. (i'm not sure if my english is very clear here: i mean that I do 1 mystery, 1 Our father, 10 ave, on glory then, I stop there I start again later)

I personnaly think that the community aren't active enough with the rosary. I would love to see a rosary hour in the week or something like that.

I hope that the rosary will not disappear cause there's a lot of saints that have used it with lot's of success.

In christ,


-- Alexis Marcil (, April 18, 2004.

It's not fading away as far as I'm concerned. I try to say it every day (only takes about 20 minutes). There are many websites dedicated to the rosary, 54-day rosary novena, etc. There are also many that that sell rosaries, some feature hundreds of kinds, colors, stones, handmade, from rose petals, etc. etc. The rosary is not as prominent because most Catholics unfortunately are not as devout, many no longer even attend church. I know of several parishes here in Michigan where a volunteer leads the rosary just before or after Mass and it's fairly well attended.

-- Rosemary (, April 18, 2004.

Hi Jim and everyone.

I have several rosaries, but the one that is most curious to me....well, let me describe it:

This rosarie is made of metal cast into a circular ring. The high point of the ring has the crucifix and 10 beads casting out of the metal encircling the outer ring. The rosary is small enough to look like a big ring.

My mother gave it to me along with the instructions on how to recite the prayers. (Here' where I reveal my lack of practice.) I've lost the instructions.

So, would someone fill me in on this particular rosary?


-- rod (, April 18, 2004.


The Knights of Columbus recently passed out those at my local parish. Perhaps they have info on their website?

-- Emily (, April 18, 2004.

Aren't they simply single decades?


-- Bill Nelson (, April 18, 2004.


Its a single decade, small enough to carry and use discretely. Its used in the same manner as a regular Rosary.

-- JimFurst (, April 19, 2004.

Reciting the Rosary is perhaps the most important tool we have to gain salvation for ourselves and for the souls in purgatory. When the children of Fatima asked Our Lady if they would make it to heaven, she replied about Blessed Francisco, all of 7 years old at the time: "Yes, certainly he too will come. But first he will have to pray many, many rosaries." Francisco died less than two years later. If a child must pray "many, many rosaries" to get to heaven, imagine what we must all do.

-- Brian Crane (, April 19, 2004.



The Rosary you describe is a finger Rosary. Some are metal some are plastic. I carry one myself because it doesn't get tangled and is easy to carry.

Mine didn't come with instructions but you pray the Rosary the same way. Use the points of the cross( mine has 3 very small protrusions) that I use to say the Apostles creed, Our Father and the first three Hail Mary's on. then say the Glory be and on the Cross pray the Our Father, then say the Ten Hail Mary's on the small "beads". Once you make it around say the Glory Be and Our Father on the cross again.

-- Blaine (, April 19, 2004.

Ah! thanks. That sounds easy enough.


-- rod (, April 19, 2004.

The Rosary has not faded, thank God. I am not aware of families saying the rosary in the home like we used to when I was a kid, but most Catholic churches still have Altar Rosary Societies, and my church has a rosary prayer group every day after daily mass. It is lead by one of the parishioners - there is never a priest in attendance.

In fact, a visiting priest who helps out with daily mass "forbids" people to say the rosary during mass and does not want to see anyone 'holding' the rosary in their hands during mass.

It would be nice if our priests encouraged parishioners to say the rosary, but very few do. I think it would be nice if all pastors would dedicate a night for saying the rosary in Church, together as a parish - for peace in our world.

There is a wonderful book out called "101 Inspirational Stories of the Rosary" by Sister Patricia Proctor, OSC.

Once you read the stories in this book, you will want to go out and buy copies for your friends and family members, or just some copies to leave in church for people to read!

"Sister Patricia has put together a knock-your-socks off collection of true stories that will inspire both new and veteran prayers of the rosary. Let her book spark new life in your commitment to praying the rosary. Let her stories inspire you to pray the rosary if you never have, or bring you back to the rosary if it has been a long time since you last did so. Either way, you're going to love this book." (from back cover of book)

I could not put this book down. The stories are amazing. I purchased several to give to my friends and family, along with a pair of rosaries. They may say the rosary, and they may not...but I did my job. I planted the seed and will pray to Mary to call these people to the rosary.

For more information about the book, please visit this website - Buy one or two and pass it along, and then pray.

Our world needs prayer, needs the rosary to be said for peace.

Our Lady Queen of Peace Pray for Us

-- MaryLu (, April 19, 2004.


in my experience, the Rosary ring is not a perfect solution as its features do not perfectly match all of the prayers in the Rosary itself. but it is a very compact and robust item that allows for Rosary meditation in all types of situation (the important part is to could the decade of Ave Marias: the rest of the counting can be done in the head as they occur during breaks in themeditation anywys).

no-one knows its there, it can be sat upon etc and it survives so it is the perfect pocket tool; it is also very cheap so you need not worry too much anyways about damage. my youngest has chewed on it without success. he has ripped my beads apart before.

moreover, it is a marvellously habit-forming thing. i used to try to use the abbreviated beads (10 beads plus a few at the intro) but they are still obtrusive and cumbersome. my Rosary count has rocketed since i discovered the Rosary ring. its just so handy. i always have a ring loose in my pocket. i keep another in my car. there are so many times in the day when you can grab the chance.

on the broader point - i agree: the Rosary is becoming less popular. that's tragic. i agree with all the suggestions above.

i did a Rosary Novena recently - i got what i asked for. i prayed the Rosary for my father in a time of illness - i got what i asked for. i am doing a futher Novena at the moment. its just too uncanny.

there's just something about that prayer.

-- Ian (, April 20, 2004.

.... and That Lady!

devotion to Our Lady is definitely one of the casualties of modern Catholicism. that is sad, because it is one of our great strengths. the odd thing is that the Holy Father is a MOST STRONG devotee. it's only my experience but the rest of the Church seems less interested these days.

-- Ian (, April 20, 2004.

Our beloved Holy Father started the new millenium by promoting the Holy Rosary by establishing October 2002 - October 2003 as the Year of the Rosary. He also encouraged the faithful to pray the optional Luminous Mysteries on Thursdays.

I live in a big city in the USA. Most of the Catholic churches here have a 12 noon Holy Rosary prayer. In one parish, after the 5:30 pm mass, the priest himself leads the Rosary. The Holy Rosary is very much alive in my city.

-- (Ye@r.ofthe.Rosary), April 20, 2004.

That is indeed great news. I live in a very small town. The rosary is prayed every morning before daily mass by a small number of people on their own initiative. But sad to say, most people in our parish probably don't know how to say the rosary.

-- Brian Crane (, April 21, 2004.

Our Lady said that saying the rosary can end wars.

I notice that there are 88 posts about Kerry, and so few about the rosary and its benefits. It is the most powerful prayer for peace and I wish there were more posts about this beautiful prayer to Our Lady. It is so powerful and I do hope we can all spread the message.

-- MaryLu (, April 28, 2004.

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