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hello group tom here. does anyone know if 290 was ever wrecked and if so when.also when was the ross mehan pilot installed? pictures during the war as everybody knows are rare. anybody got one? thanks tom

-- tom wilson (hawks405@aol.com), April 16, 2004


Bob and Tom, Many years ago when I lived in Atlanta I knew a Bill Price who one time was a hostler on the A&WP. He told me he was involved in a wreck of the 290 that rolled it over on it's side. I gave me the cab whistle off the engine that he had stolen. I'm certain it was before the end of the war (WW-II that is). All you have is hearsay but it's better that nothing. Ron Dettmer

-- Ron Dettmer (roscaler@cs.com), April 21, 2004.

To my knowldge, the 290 was never in a serious accident. It may have been involved in several of the railroad equivalent of "fender benders", but nothing serious enough to warrent a major shopping. I've discovered no record of any accident involving the engine, but there may be because no record of minbor repairs was maintained.

The 290 was modified several times throughout its life, receiving, among other things, a new smokebox front,a new cylinder saddle, new side rods, and a cast steel pilot. The new pilot was installed around 1945. My photos of the 290 skip the war years, jumping from 1941 to 1948, so I can't help you on that front.

Hope this helps.

Bob Hanson

-- Robert H. Hanson (RHanson669@aol.com), April 18, 2004.

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