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how do i make a dirt bike out of a vertical pushing lawn mower engine? im 13 and have never done this before i have know clue how to do this please help me!!!

-- katelyn george (, April 15, 2004


IT is possible but it probably wouldnt last long because in vertical engine the oil is flowing downwards itno the engine and if you were to put that on a dirtbike you would have to turn it side ways making it a horizantal engine but the oil would not flow directly into the engine, so it would end up stopping and seizing up. But you can possibly do it with a horizantal engine takin from something like a snow blower or trimmer.

-- joe hef (, April 17, 2004.

Joe is right. You will need to get a horizontal shaft engine that is at least 3.5 hp. Then it's as simple as finding a frame, wheels and tires, and hooking the engine up.

-- Jamie Miles (, May 05, 2004.

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