RG3 slip on & EPROM on 2004 F4?

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Greetings All. Have had a look once in a while but never submitted a post, but have benefitted from reading, so thank you very much (I mean it). Just sold my 2000 F4 to a very nice chap called David over here in Dubai and my 2004 has just arrived, should pick it up on Saturday.

The question I have is will the EPROM and RG3 slip on work at its best with the 2004 bike. The reason I ask is that the EVO 3 bikes and onwards have more power, lighter crank, improved valves etc and I wonder if the mapping is different or does it not make any difference?

-- Sean Keith (keiths@emirates.net.ae), April 15, 2004


the RG3 will improve the bike's performance, but your dealer has to order a new eprom, he will need your frame nr for this

-- Jacob (jaapdeurloo@zeelandnet.nl), April 16, 2004.


Go for a powercomander - can then be set up to work in the real world of your bike instead of a compromised one of 'averages' and 'cure alls' that preprogramming requires. And can easily be remapped to suit any future changes you may go for.

-- Mark M (m.magenis@btinternet.com), April 16, 2004.

Jacob and Mark Thanks for the reply, i will probably go for the factory CRC EPROM, as although a Power Commander will be ultimately better, a proper shop to set up and map does not exist over here. Best regards

-- Sean Keith (keiths@emirates.net.ae), April 16, 2004.

Sean, Stay away from the factory Eprom. It's crap. I had one and dumped it in favor of the WCT chip. To me, the only other alternative is the Power Commander. Dean

-- dean (rennwerkes@yahoo.com), April 18, 2004.

Hello Dean,

what is you advice for the best tuning of the SPR?


-- Axel Heinemann (heinemann.axel@bcg.com), May 24, 2004.

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