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how do i hook up a lawnmower engine to power a go kart??how do i convert the drive from verticle to horizontal? i need to know because i plan to build a motarized stool kart but olny have a lawn mower engine which is verticle drive. i need to find a way to change the drive to horizontal ithsome kind ofcontraption and make it horizontal so i can hook a clutch and chain to the rear sprocket on the alxe. i hop esomeone out there has done this before and shows me how.

-- mathew cabral (, April 14, 2004



-- hahaha (, April 15, 2004.

If you can get v-belt centrifugal clutch on it. A long v-belt can be twisted to 90 degrees. It's hard on the belt but it works. The problem is mounting the clutch. Most mower engines have tapper shafts and most clutchs are straight. If the shaft has straight section with the slot to mount to great, if not... Good Luck

-- John Patton (, April 16, 2004.

well to answer that question your not able to cause your a biginner. and its not possible to make a go kart out og that kind of engine. I tell you what to do. Ask your dad to see if he can take you to the junk yard near you and find a engine that has a clutch that hangs out of the side. Then it will be a hole lot better. Dont make the belts twist cause thats not going to work. Im only 15 and Ive made gokarts and dirt bikes out of lawnmore engines. Matter of fact making one right now. Just looking for some tips on what i should do. If you need any help just im me or email me. my email address is JuggaBoy15. Just to tell you something, the dirt bikes are much easy to biuld.

-- billy (, April 19, 2004.

See what you do, im no genius or nothin like that, but see you go to your local small engine repair shop or dealership and you go " ey dog how bouts me gettin a horizontal shaft engine, and he be like oh what size and you be like anything above like i dont know five horsepower i guess, and he go oh that will be $$$ then youll be good to go. dont make it harder on yourself, you can buy a broke horizontal shaft engine thats broke probably for very cheap, cheaper than twisting belts and belt clutch's and all the manual labor that you will have in the contraption.

-- john jacob (, April 29, 2004.

cheaper too

-- john jacob (, April 29, 2004.

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