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hey guys. Ive been wanting to build an off road go cart since i sold my old one. all the plans on the net costed money, dad wont give out credit card number, so i wanted to know if any of you could maybe email me some plans for a 1 seater off road go cart that can use either a push mower engine or a store bought one. It would be used by people about 6 feet tall and 100-250 pounds, and id like it to go nice and fast up hills and bumby land. i know this sounds a little picky but id appreciate any plans for an off road go cart. Thanks

-- sean delaney (seanhockey85@msn.com), April 11, 2004


ok so how much r u paying me if i find kick ass ones??

-- Chad NEEDS$$$ (charad_228@hotmail.com), April 15, 2004.

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