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hi pple im really confused.. i've always wanted to build one but every time i try 2 build one it goes horribly rong lol so if u guys can help me or tell me some plans you found on the net that'd be great cuz i cant find a thing!

-- Michael (, April 11, 2004


alright.. first of all bro.. A FUCKING RAZOR SCOOTER?? WHAT R U THINKING?? me and my friend tried it with a huge tired kick scooter and that didnt even work.. first off no good way to drive it second off you will b leaning to one side and third!! YOURE A FUCKING CRAZY ASS FOR THINKING OF IT!!

-- chad (, April 15, 2004.

1st is going 2 be hard fitting the engine on there. the scooter is so small. than how would you put a sprocket on the little tire and axil. and how would mount it. it will be a hard job to do. near imposible 2 do

-- frank (, April 15, 2004.

it is possible that website as got heaps of wicked home built scooters theres a couple of razor style scooters with motors on them

-- broelan (, April 25, 2004.

It actually is possible to do, very hard, but, anything can be possible. First of all ur gonna have to be able to weld. The first thing u must do is weld an engine mount on (I would say) the left side. An engine mount can be anything (two little bars u can bolt the engine to would work just fine). Then make something similar to this on the other side where you will mount ur gas tank. A gas tank is simple to make, or u could just buy one or heck, use the one on the weed eater (note: u don't want to leave the gas tank connected to the engine because it will make one side heavier than the other and i suggest using at least a one liter tank to somewhat even it out. When everything is mounted ur gonna want to set up what is called a "spindle tyre" gear system. What this does is have a bar (small and round about the size of ur pointer finger) connected to the engine, spinning backwards while at the same time touching the razor wheel pushing it forwards. This design is quite similar to that used in the professionally made Go-Ped scooters. Make sure to leave enough room to fit your foot in and be able to use the brake. (Also if the spindle (little bar) doesn't grip the wheel right, try glueing some griptape or sandpaper to the bar.) Good Luck and have fun!

-- Daniel (, June 16, 2004.

If I read the question correctly you are wanting info on how to motorize a Razor type scooter? If thats the case or you just want to see some really sweet minichoppers made from a Razor scooter and a weedeater motor check out Minichopper Information & Builders Forum at we have all kinds of custom minibikes and information for the home builder. I have made 3 so far using gas engines and go kart parts, they are real fun to ride also.

-- Chopperdad (, July 22, 2004.

get a bigger scooter ru u stupid

-- fergo (, August 01, 2004.

it is possible.i dont know about ur razor skooter. just make a custom frame and stuff. my neighbor bought one called the mosquito.ITs got a 26cc engine thats off a weed eater.youd have to buy itt with the gears adn stuff though.

-- cj (, September 27, 2004.

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