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Hey I was wondering if someone could give me step by step instructions to build a go cart. I've never built one before and I want to try to make a two seater... i was also wondering if you had to put a lawn mower engine on there or if i could put a different kind to make it go faster... or if anyone just wants to make a go kart for me i'll pay you. just name the price, it has to be reasonable it could be a peice of crap just as long as it moves and moves fast...please email me thank you

-- Kaitlynn Bauman (, April 09, 2004


no if u can get acess to a rideing lawnmower all u should is scrap it by takin all the things off like the gear box and all the other stuff

-- andrew (, April 11, 2004.

depending on the size of the gocart u could probley put on a chainsaw engine

-- joey (, April 12, 2004.

poop kiss me poop kiss me'

-- Amber Fillion (, July 21, 2004.

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