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Hi Yall:

I recently became aware of my purpose in life and that is to become a Doula. I love to listen, is very nurturing and love to create. I believe those values are pre-reqs. for such a program. I would also like to focus on teen pregnancy, I believe they are the most at-risk group who need to know they have someone to turn to. I am serching for schools that offer training on the West Coast, it can be in Canada or the US (I prefer to stay in Vancouver). Can you offer any advice to steer me in the right direction. I am very enthusiatic in starting my journey.

Sincerely Nicole

-- Nicole P Baptiste (, April 07, 2004


Hi, I'm curious how you heard about doulas and yet you don't know where to find out more...anyhow, I am currently in New York but I'm a native greater Vancouverite and I'm coming home in a few weeks so I was intrigued by you. You should go to and look up training and also regional directors for DONA (Doulas of North America) There are training sessions all over and Doulas are big in BC. You are in Vancouver BC are you? Not Vancouver WA? wait a sec, here she is...

Provincial Rep: British Columbia Jan Nusche (604)882-9488

On and by the way I just finished my DONA certification myself last week and I'm now certified....Yippee!

I can't wait to come home and begin serving women in the lower mainland.

Sincerely Sarah

-- Sarah Hewlett (, April 08, 2004.

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