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I am a 14 year old and its spring break. I have an old kettcar that i was wondering if i could make a go-cart out of. If anybody has ideas i have leafblower engines and some chainsaw engines i might get my hands on a lawnmower engine. If you can help me send planes or how to's thanks. right fast only 6 days left

-- Daniel smith (, April 07, 2004


take to chainsaw engines and attatch one to each of the rear wheels. creat a t hroddle and a gas line out ih tubing and fishing wire thats as far as i can get you

-- michael Janowich (, April 14, 2004.

read the reply that i gave to solo on 2-12-05 "putting a weed eater motor on a scooter ryobi engine I just finished my weedeater powered Kettler car. and my kids love it this thing Runs great. email me and ill send u some pics. Jay

-- jaysmarine (, February 12, 2005.

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