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Discuss here where we should take the forum. Pro's the staying here are Peter drops by, old posts exists, etc. Cons are still no login, even with modding crap posts might pop up. Pro's to Doug's new site are nice layout, modded, we control it in case anything bad happens. Cons are confusion between this forum and the new one, split posts, and Peter might not switch even if we all do. I suggested an IGN board but considering there's no specific 'Aeon' board let's forget that for now. A few other people have suggested third alternatives, but I think it should be safe to pick between these two.

So, let's discuss these two options -- the old forum and the new one.

- Adam

-- Adam Tierney (, April 02, 2004


Well, needless to say I won't be moving to another board. Nice idea though. Lots of luck and fun over there.

-- Barb e. (, April 02, 2004.

We're going to back up all these posts on Doug's new board.

Not saying anyone has to use it if you don't want to, but at least this way, the threads will be saved in case more of them become inaccessible

-- ashed out (, April 02, 2004.

I've E-mailed Peter and Drew personally last night so they know the new community now exists. Hopefully the spammers are gone for good.

-- Douglas Kerr (, April 02, 2004.

Oh, I forgot to mention something about the other board. If you just want to stop by and leave a quick message you can do so without having a user account. Just choose a user name and ignore the password! But that option is easily moderated through IP banning so if there's a racist/pornographic spam post (hopefully not) I can just ban the user's static IP address and they're gone for good.

-- Douglas Kerr (, April 02, 2004.

Hey, you got control Barb? - Shot! Thats great!

-- Sam (, April 04, 2004.

Hey Jesse, how did you access that thread earlier? Do you know how it is that threads have become inaccessable?

-- Sam (, April 04, 2004.

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