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Elsewhere on here ( why isn't there a search facility :( ) I have posted re the stict rules I was given for recovery after THR surgery. Like sleeping on my back for 3 months ( can't do that ! ) etc etc.

It just occured to me that one of the rules was no getting in $ out of cars for 3 months due to the movement required would cause imediate damage.

I never thought to ask them "how on earth do I get home after my OP without getting in a car" !!!! - I will not be able to walk the 15 miles home !! JB - N.W. - UK

-- John Birkett (, April 01, 2004


Hmmmm. I never heard of that rule about cars. In fact the hospital personnel will wheel chair you out to the curb and help you get in your car. The problem is where your hip is in relationship to your knee. No matter where you are sitting your hip should always be above your knee for the first 2-3 months after a regular THR. Take a pillow with you and sit on it when you have to sit in chairs that put you in that position or even in a car if you had to. I don't remember having a rule about not sleeping on my back, just when sleeping you need to have a pillow between your legs, even on your back so you don't cross your feet. You didn't say when you were having surgery so I guess you've already jumped that hurdle:-) Hope all went/goes well for you.

-- Sue Shields (, August 17, 2004.

Hey thanks for the reply Sue. Here in the UK I don't think there are many cars at all that have enough headroom to allow sitting high enough to have your knees below your hips. And I still cannot understand how a person can sleep, for 2 or 3 months, even with a pillow between your legs, without turning over in your sleep. I mean your asleep, so how can you remember not to turn over ! I often put a pillow between my legs now but it is never there when I wake up ! I would love to hear from any, younger, active folks who have had this Op to find out how on earth the daily logistics work out. I am holding out, trying to get the new "minimally invasive" hip op, but the NHS in the UK are very slow and do not like anything new :(

Regards JB

-- John Birkett (, August 17, 2004.

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