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I have various video files in various formats... AVI, MPG, even AVSEXXX.dat etc but when I use the Nero VCD feature, it does everything, but stops short of burning the disk. It gives no error messages either and the progress meter stops short of 100%. I have left it running for more than 10HRS with no success.

Can anyone tell me why, or what I need to do to get it working please?

Help would be much appreciated

Thank you

-- momok (, March 31, 2004


It almost sounds like it can't finalize the VCD when it's done writing, or the CD drive is having problems writing out at the end of the disk.

If you have access to another CD drive and/or computer, try and burn the file on it.

Another thing to try would be to take a very small file (5-10 minutes of video) and burn it onto a quality CD.

-- Bryan (, April 05, 2004.

I have had this same problem with Nero, but it burns audio just fine-- -Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!

-- Jacquie (, February 22, 2005.

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