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I wonder where are the Sisters and Brothers of the Congressional Black caucus during the trials of Dr. Rice? It seems she is being made a scapegoat for the Administration and I don't hear anyone saying anything, except Colin Powell who is supporting her. In contrast, entertainer Michael Jackson is being awarded a medal on capital hill today by Congresswoman Lee. Something is wrong with this picture?

-- Anonymous, March 31, 2004


The CBC is only concerned with narrow Democratic issues. Many of the members don't even want to accept responsibility of the Haitian Crisis eventhough they pressured a reluctant President Clinton to restore Aristide back to power. If Condelezza Rice was not Republican the repsonse of the CBC would be materially different. QED

-- Anonymous, March 31, 2004

Rev. Paris,

According to the "Today Show" interview,Michael Jackson is meeting with some African American congressmen regarding the African AIDS issue. He is not getting an award nor is he meeting with the CBC. In fact, according to the interview, many members of the CBC will not be available to meet with Michael Jackson.

Also, every administration has its scapegoat, and it seems this time Dr. Rice is on the line. Not too long ago Colin Powell's neck was in the noose. Once Dr. Rice testifies the whole situation could turn around.

It is very important that the spirit of truth abound in Washington.

-- Anonymous, March 31, 2004

Conzi is being made a scapegoat and the CBC will not stand behind her or anyother flunkie of bush and Professor Dickens is correct in hos saying that if it is not a Democratic Issue the CBC will not push it or support it. But it is now time for Conzi, Colin, and Clarence for that matter to wake up and come back to us and issues that affect us and then maybe we would be more incline to supporting her and her efforts. I personally don't feel that the ush Administration has my best interest at heart o I can't support a bunch of "Oreos."

-- Anonymous, April 02, 2004

Truthfully, if the CBC had anything to say about this it would have been to have Nat'l Security Advisor Rice testify before the 9/11 commission in public. No one is making her a scapegoat, unless she is responsible for aiding and abetting the Bush/Cheney ill advised insurrection in Iraq which appears to headed to a divided state led by Islamic fundamentalists. A safe harbor for potential terrorists. Good going guys.

-- Anonymous, April 11, 2004

"I can't support a bunch of "Oreos." " DOUGLAS FORBES

WOW! So, being a African American Republican makes you an "Oreo"...that's amazing!

My question is where do African American CHRISTIANS stand on issues that the Democrat's tend to push, such as abortion and gay rights/homosexual marriage?

-- Anonymous, April 14, 2004

Being a Black republican does not necessarily mean you or an "Oreo" I did not say thiat in my post , but if you are Conzi, colon,a nd Dr. Paige yes I am calling those three plus Clarence Thomas an Oreo. I don't think I made that point very clearly.

-- Anonymous, April 14, 2004

When you resort to name-calling, that tells me something about you. Why not discuss the qualities of these persons and why you are against them. The common element in all of these persons you named is that they are very sucessful in thier chosen fields: Dr. Rice, advising the most powerful man in the world; Colin Powell, the second most powerful and the most influential man in the world, retired Chairman of Joint Chiefs the most powerful military post (and has been for the last ten years); and Justice Clarence Thomas, a member of the Supreme Court of the most powerful nation in the world. And since you disagree with thier political choice, you have the nerve to call them names; you oughta be shamed.

Dr. MLK did not die so that we would be enslaved by a mentality that says: If you are black and not a Democrat there is something wrong with you. MLK wanted us to be free; to be judged by the content of our character; not by the color of our skin

Oh yes, I forgot the most powerful and influential man in the field of education today.

Black folk all over the world should be rejoicing that for the first time in this nation history, black folk are being chosen to lead on the basis of qualifications rather than to fill a qouta. Oh yes, Alphons Jackson recently confirmed to a cabinet level position. There are numerous blacks in all levels of the Bush administration also. And we have the nerve to claim Clinton as the first "black" president. I argue that Bush has appointed more blacks to higher levels and in greater numbers than any other president. Look at the list: Rice, Powell, Paige, Thomas (Bush I nominee), Jackson, Michael Powell; not to mention the black female judge in California whom the democrats will not confirm, who will sit on the Supreme Court if President Bush can get her past the dems. And notice not one bit of scandal associated with any of these.

Be Blessed

-- Anonymous, April 14, 2004

Rev. Paris: If you had read my first comment you would have known again that I am not picking on these educated blacks because they are republican or on the Bush team, butmy only point that I want you to see is that those names that you have called as well as myself don't represent the mas of where our people are as middle class black citizens. I feel Dr. rice is the Bush's scapegoat and that is what we need to stick too your original post and answer. None of the Bush appointees that I have named or you have named for that matter can relate to the average Black woman or mans issues. The Republicawn party I know because they have offered me amjor money to do work for them, so most of my friends and colleagues are republican based on their level in society. So Rev. paris I am not agianst them or you but do something for the benefit of all of our pople and not the top 1% of the people.

-- Anonymous, April 15, 2004

Mr Forbes wrote:

"My only point that I want you to see is that those names that you have called as well as myself don't represent the mas of where our people are as middle class black citizens."

"None of the Bush appointees that I have named or you have named for that matter can relate to the average Black woman or mans issues."

"So Rev. paris I am not agianst them or you but do something for the benefit of all of our pople and not the top 1% of the people."

My Brother, please read the history of those appointees. Dr. Rice's father was an Itinerant Preacher, just like me; Secretary Powell's parents were imigrants; all of them came form the ranks of the poor. I suggest they can relate to black issues. Yes, they are in the top 1% but they got there by hard work. And just by being in the position and doing a good job, they do far more for our people than any other black person because our little boys and girls can see someone who looks like them sitting at the seat of power; our little boys and girls will have positive role models; Every Sunday, I point out the accomplishments of black folk to my youth so that they will know the only limit is within themselves. With God help, and hard work they can accomplish whatever the mind can conceive. Our children do not need to look up to Beyonce shaking her booty, or Michael Jackson, or any of the entertainers. They need to see what God fearing black people can accomplish if they believe in themselves. My parents, and the parents of all the appointees taught them that they are the children of God and no man can limit them; all obstacles can and will be overcome. To paraphrase MLK: "I may not get there with my children, but I've seen the promised land; and I know with the help of God we can get there. But just as the Children of Israel would not go into the land that God had given them, many black folk are refusing to reach out and take what God has already given. And if we don't reach out and take it; it will be taken away. Israel was marched in circles in the wildreness until the generation with the "slave mentality" had died in the wilderness; all except Johusa and Caleb. Start at Numbers 13:1 and read or rather study. I wish I could sit and dialog with you in person. We handicap our children when we are negative about positive role models; we handicap our children when we tell them they need affirmative Action; we handicap our children when we tell them that prejudice and discrimination will keep them as second class citizens. The book of Romans speaks about how God speaks those things that are not as if they were. You have the power to speak into existence that which you want. If you speak negative, you will have negative results.

And last, what evidence do you have to support the idea that they cannot relate to you. My evidence is the story of their lives; where they came from and how they got there; what their parents taught them. For example, I was the first of my generation to earn a college degree, my daddy was a sharecropper with a 3rd grade education; my son teaches at Texas AM University; my daughter is #1 in her school; I had another son accepted at the US Naval Academy. Enough, get the history and read it, teach the children, and they will prove what I say. right here in Fort Worth, a little boy graduated from all black segregated IM Terrell high school; He is a retired 3-star Lt General in Florida. He told how he sat on runway alert in the cockpit of a nuclear-armed B-47 Bomber waiting for the order to bomb the Soviet Union during the cold war while living in segregated housing off base. But he didn't quit or complain; now those same pilots who would not stand up for him have become his footstool. Don't tell me what God can't do; tell me what He can do.

Be blessed

-- Anonymous, April 15, 2004

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