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Hey guys, I've taken the liberty to make a well-controlled Aeon Flux community at the link listed below:

You will need to register for an account, I hope to see you there!

Please feel free to offer feedback and comments so that we can make this new forum work together!



-- Doug (, March 31, 2004


It's good, but I think the organization of the thing might be a little bit cumbersome. There's something refreshing about coming to the forums and just seeing a list of topics, and that's pretty much it. But whatever the majority of you guys head to, I'll follow.

The other suggestion is taking an IGN board. All the game boards are free and while there isn't specifically an Aeon board, there are plenty of other vacant, applicable boards we could utilize, like the Rugrats Board, considering this forum is really more a Peter Chung general one than Aeon exclusively. IGN mods can also permanently IP ban any user posting material like we've been subjected to here, so it's pretty secure.

Just some ideas. It'll be interesting to see how this all pans out. I'd love to just stay here at this forum, but without madatory logins, I'm not sure how that would really be safe.

-- Adam (, March 31, 2004.

Thank You Doug! That's so cool. I've checked out Sad Geezer's, but it's... I dunno.

If you don't mind, maybe we should try and migrate some of the longer threads from days gone by to your board?

-- ashed out (, March 31, 2004.

hey ashley, that's a great idea. Please e-mail me at the address below. Let me know if you have or are able to get MSN Messenger so communication will be "speedy"

-- Doug (, March 31, 2004. <----This Address.


-- Doug (, March 31, 2004.

Im having trouble registering, it wont accept my birth date 07/86 or my gender. If u can help please write me at my email address.

-- Grant Grismore (, March 31, 2004.

Glad to see you on the board Grant!

-- Doug (, March 31, 2004.

Ign sounds awesome

-- Josh Aldridge (, April 01, 2004.

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