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Im a swedish 29 year old woman with an arthritis and synovitis in my right hip that is probably due to some reumatological hipdisease. My problems started 5 years ago with groinpain that seemed to come from Iliopsoasbursitis. The arthritis became severe and has now enen given me som arthroses. Im now eating Sulfazalasin since 1,5 year ago. It helps a bit but Im still in constant pain, not beeing able to sit, sleep or walk. I use cruches and can then walk about 200m. For longer trips i use the wheelchair. I have had tree intraarticular cortisoninjections which have given me my life back...with the ability to walk and even run. But they do not help for long time.

I have been very active prior to my arthritis with skiing, running and walking almost every day and now i can not sit without pain. i have discussed surgery with my doctor who is a reumatological specialist but she thinks im too young. She wants me to change medicine to some methotrexate but i am scared!!! But still im about to panik for all the pain, fear and anxiety...I want my life back and i want my laugh back but it seems imbossible...

I have heared about some McMinnmethod from Birmingham...is that the same as resurfing? Does anyone know or have tried methotrexate or any other medicine?Maybe somebody knows where to read about these things...I would be incredibly happy for any answer....or any thought...

Thanks, Linda

-- Linda Andersson (linda@offline.se), March 31, 2004


Linda, I am one week from my 20th birthday and was diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis at age 6. Since then I have been on a plethora of medications but have remained on the methotrexate from third grade (9 years old or so) through now. Though the side effects can be brutal with liver damage and other nasty stuff studies are showing that the original belief that liver damage was common may not be the case. In my 11 years on the drug I have experienced no liver effects nor any other side effects really. One other great thing about the methotrexate is that it is a resistant medication to overexposure (your body doesn't get used to it to the point of it not working except in extreme instances). I took sulfasalazine for I will approximate at around 3 and a half years and really began noticing side effects in my stomach. Tests showed that the prolonged exposure had in fact caused some stomach damage. I took this while I was on the methotrexate so I cannot seperate the good effects entirely, but I can say that after stopping my daily sulfasalizine with my doctor's suggestion I did not notice increased pain. When I had to stop my methotrexate for a recent shoulder operation however I definitely noticed the increased pain. I also take indocin which for me does wonders with day to day joint pain. It is an antinflammatory which has (aside from the methotrexate) probably been the most beneficial to me. Before the methotrexate I had to stop playing softball (a sport which I love to compete in) but after starting the drug it was possible for me to not only play, but to play not only recreationally but through high school as well. I would highly recommend methotrexate and checking out indocin. Indocin may also cause stomach problems but i find them much more tolerable than with sulfasalazine. A few words of advice though. Your doctor may tell you to take methotrexate on an empty stomach and i would higly advise listening. It isn't that it makes you sick otherwise but it does make your stomach feel a little strange for a little bit but it is nothing severe and you will certainly adjust to it. Good luck with your medication search and do not be discouraged. I am living proof that the arthritis doesn't have to stop you. Yeah you might have to bite the bullet and deal with some pain, but don't let that get you down. Good luck and keep us posted.

-- Jess Dailey (jessdailey@excite.com), April 02, 2004.

Hi Jess, thanks for your answer and uplifting words! I will definitely look into up that antiinflammatory drug you recommended and also consider methotrexate a little more...

Good luck to you as well! Thanks again!


-- Linda Andersson (linda@offline.se), April 09, 2004.

"McMinnmethod from Birmingham...is that the same as resurfing"

Yes McMinn is basically the guy that re-invented the resurface techqnique in the uk with another guy called Tracey, I had a McMinn (I'm 31) BHR left resurface done in Feb and another on the right last week, for me the drugs could only stop so much pain, if the femoral head is damaged then get the best surgery you can.

McMinn uses the following devices http://www.midmedtec.co.uk


-- Andrew Dodd (meldodd@fsmail.net), October 14, 2004.

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