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What are the employment laws, if any, governing what work caseload an employer assigns to a person who holds a senor position. I have been informed by my supervisor that they are going to give me a workload that is typically for a lower positioned employee; work not of the skill level that my position is supposed to do [lower skill].

When I asked why they stated that my colleagues at my position level perform the tasks of my position level better than me. The problem I with this is that I have not received the proper technical support, received more work than is been determined ideal for the task I perform, and I have received no performance feedback/training to improve the so called deficiences. My job title nor pay has been deminished. However, by them giving the lower level work to me it would stop my growing in the field and hurt my chances for better pay increases and promotion. Please advise.

-- Richard Muniz (, March 30, 2004

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